summer roundup

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Home sweet apartment! Finally back and able to pickup more of a routine. IMG_2061

My Whole Foods treat- Zevia is natural pop sweetened with stevia! This flavor was good, but the root beer one is much better.IMG_2064

GUYS. You have to drive to your nearest Whole Foods immediately and buy Lily’s chocolate. It is sweetened with Stevia and is DELICIOUS. Perfect little treat when you’re craving chocolate! And it is oddly very high fiber?! IMG_2146

The park near my parent’s house that I took full advantage of while I was home! It is pretty much like glamorous hiking haha. It is couple miles long and has an awesome boardwalk throughout so you never have to get your shoes dirty ;) My family and I would sprint and walk it twice each day, trying to beat our time from the day before. So much fun! IMG_2044

My favorite farmer’s market in Charlotte- I’ve been stopping by a few times a week and even stocked up some produce for my trip to Ohio and the beach!

Below is a picture of the girl’s contribution to 4th of July festivities. Pretty darn proud of this, it made me feel like a culinary genius.IMG_2225



Summertime and the livin’ is easy!

This is when teachers get to brag a little bit about their infinite amount of free time. I’ll spare you though because I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it :) All I will say is that IT IS GLORIOUS! I spent the first week or so of my break road-tripping throughout Ohio. A bridal shower, week of leading songs for VBS, anniversary party, and bachelorette party all fell within a span of 9 days so naturally I had the perfect excuse to spend time with friends and family up there. I’m still homesick for Ohio, but it is at least manageable now though. When I left Ohio, I drove straight to Oak Island, NC to meet up with Justin and the rest of his family. Lucky me, I was able to experience my first hurricane while I was there! Hurricane Arthur left me petrified, I think I spent the whole day watching the Weather Channel and refreshing the Weather Underground app on my phone. I would make a horrible meteorologist, severe weather warnings would send me hiding under my desk!

The rest of our beach week was complete heaven though and we had a blast! This is my 4th year going with Justin’s family, and they have owned the beach house most of Justin’s life so it’s like a second home to him. Our typical routine is to wakeup, go to the Flying Pig coffee shop, pick up some last minute groceries for dinner, and then promptly change into our swimsuits and hangout on the beach for the rest of the day. I’ve been really good about not making excuses lately, and I was so proud of myself for exercising a few times on vacation! To avoid the heat, I would jog around Oak Island in the morning or late evening, and go on walks on the beach. It is obviously easier to incorporate cardio when you are out of town, because you can always go for a walk or run, but I’m excited to be back home so I can lift weights again!


Tech issues: I am having horrible problems with my site and it’s driving me crazy. The comment section is being spammed incessantly and I am missing the real comments because I don’t have time to sort through it. Also, I’m pretty sure the wordpress update is messing with the quality of my photos. It is making it harder to upload and they are not showing up as crisp as they are in iPhoto or flickr. Any tips?

IT’S SUMMER TIME! + Halo Top Creamery Protein Ice Cream & 9 Rounds review

School just ended and my personal goals are picking up steam. If you know me at all, then you know how much I love health and fitness, and how it’s pretty much my side job. I love researching and learning about fitness in my free time and since my free time was pretty limited these days…my hobby has gone to the back-burner. Heck, my own personal health has gone to the back-burner if we are being honest! I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to focus the next  8 weeks of my summer solely on my health and well-being. I took a big leap of faith in my professional life (more on that later) and made some other changes as well. It’s definitely going to be a summer of personal growth and renewal!

As the first official day of summer for this tired-teacher, I sure started off with a bang! Woke up relatively early considering how exhausted I am (9am), had my espresso, egg whites, and ezekiel bread and walked over to 9 Rounds. Two friends and I bought a Groupon for 9 Rounds and it’s kind of been a love/hate relationship with the place. There are 9 rounds of 3 minute boxing/ plyometric high intensity stations that you follow with 30 seconds of abs exercises in between each. It is an amazing workout, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I will renew my membership after this month because I am already getting bored of it. Regardless, it’s been fun changing up my typical fitness routine! After 9 Rounds I enjoyed I headed out to lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then I hit the mall for a little shopping :) All in all it was the perfect start to my summer!

A NEW MUST HAVE: Halo Top Creamery ice cream
This stuff is AMAZING! One bite and I became obsessed. As I am currently trying to lose weight, ice cream is obviously a no-no. I’ve made my own protein ice-cream in the past and while it’s tasted pretty good, I’m not fooling anyone and I’m certainly not fooling my taste buds. I’ve tried Arctic Zero and I really wanted to like it because the macros are great, but it tastes awful and is a little pricey. Lose-lose situation. Halo Top Creamery’s protein ice-cream is game changer though and I cannot stop raving about it. Even Justin likes it! It is definitely still a treat but is much more diet friendly. I’ve tried pretty much all of the flavors and they are equally divine. (Yes, divine. It is THAT good.) Lemon, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry.. you cannot go wrong. It’s 70 calories per half cup and has 7 grams of protein, low sugar and lower carb. Earth Fare is where I bought mine, and it was BOGO while I was there so 2 pints for $6. JACKPOT! :)

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