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When I was younger, I lived to decorate and redecorate my room. Pottery Barn Teen magazine was my lifeline; I would scour the pages of it for inspiration and occasionally convince my parents that I needed this new comforter/lamp/furniture/etc.  It was important that my room reflected me and my personality, and it also needed to be functional enough to showcase my favorite belongings. I was a weird kid, but we already knew that ;)

Now I’m lucky if I have a minute to even think about my apartment decor, let alone actually do the decorating! In the back of my mind, I can’t justify spending a ton of time on furnishings when I know we will just be moving cities again soon. Justin and I cannot wait to know where we will end up for good so we can buy a house and settle down, but until we are able to put roots down….we will be living in apartments and moving cities/states pretty often.

So basically I have no motivation to decorate and I’m blaming it on this haha. I’ve had some family in town visiting and I have more friends coming later this month, so I know I need to get a move on it! This coffee table is the only area I’ve styled, and it pretty much only happened because I drank a triple espresso from Starbucks on my way to Crate & Barrel.


Do you have any home decor tips? Where do you pull inspiration from? HELP!



I do it for the coffee



I’m soaking up the last few weeks that I can wear my winter coats. Hate the cold but man do I love the clothes! In Ohio I could get away with boots & scarves until the end of March. Here in NC- not so much. I’m wearing my cozy knits, flannels, and sweaters for as long as I can avoid the crazy looks.

In other news, a hipster told me she LOVED my jacket and that my outfit was on point when I was in Noda. Life = made.

P.s. Check out the awesome gift bag I got from my coffee course this weekend! I finally opened it up and went through it. Naturally the free coffee was my favorite part ;)


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