Friday Five


Happy Friday!

I cannot believe we are already halfway through August. This summer has flown by! Justin and I got back from our vacation to California last week, and I already have post-vacation blues. As soon as I sort through the photos, I’ll post a little recap about our trip.

In the meantime, I thought I’d stop by and do a little Friday Five update. I finished working around 2pm today and have a couple hours before I’m off to volunteer at the hospital tonight. Then I’m heading to the airport to catch a 10pm flight to Ohio!

1. Reading: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
I had read articles about Marie’s book and IMMEDIATELY tried out some of her tidying theories! I am not a hoarder by any means, and I’m still surprised at the amount of stuff I was able to purge following her concepts. The main idea is to only keep things that “spark joy” when you pick them up- everything else gets tossed!

2. Drinking: Starbucks grande iced unsweetened coffee
I keeping meaning to order the cold brew at Starbucks, but always forget and default to my normal iced coffee. Has anyone tried it?? Is it worth the extra money?
Speaking of coffee, I just exchanged my old Nespresso for a new one (it broke!) and picked up the new Nespresso Vertuo Line. If you are looking for an individual coffee maker that has better tasting coffee than the Keurig- YOU MUST GET A NESPRESSO! I can’t rave about it enough. It’s a bit pricey but we had wedding gift cards left over and they let you exchange it if anything breaks. ($249 is the usual price if you get the bundle so make sure you don’t pay more than that!)

3. Studying: Entrepreneur + small business owner advice
Most people know that I started a side business last fall as an education consultant. (I mostly work with high school students and their families to help them with the college process!) I didn’t study business in college, so this is all new to me!
Here are some articles I’ve been reading:
On finding a mentor
50 Quick Productivity Tips for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
Business Plan Step by Step Guide
Public Speaking

4. Wanting: A girl can dream!
These Raybans
A pair of JCrew Elsie pumps– I’ve heard they are so comfortable!
An essential oils kit

5. Thinking: I can’t tell if I’m overly caffeinated or if I’m just THIS. EXCITED. ABOUT. OHIO!

Whole 30 Results


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30 days of eating lots of eggs, meat, veggies, fruits, healthy fats, nuts, water, coffee, and tea and 30 days of no dairy, legumes, grains, sugar, or alcohol. I am so proud of myself for finishing this challenge and I am still glad I did it! The past 30 days have taught me a lot about my energy levels, cravings, mental health, and food addictions I didn’t even know I had. It also brought me a ton of results that I was not expecting, but more on that in a bit..

Would I recommend Whole30?
In short, yes. I think as long as you aren’t struggling with an eating disorder of any kind, Whole30 will give you a healthy new perspective on what you are eating and why you are eating it. I have 10+ friends and family who started their Whole30 after reading my first post, and each of them seems incredibly impressed with the program too! What I loved about it most is the simplicity. The program isn’t having you weigh everything in grams, use measuring cups, or track macros. It is teaching you to listen to your body and be mindful of what you are eating. I’ve always been fascinated by nutrition and fitness, and I research it as much as I can, but it was nice to have a little “reset” that forced me to pay attention to how my body reacts to specific foods. If you are on the fence about trying it, feel free to reach out to me because I’d love to talk more about it with you!

Now I’m just going to skip to the part that everyone wants to hear; my weight loss results! All together, I lost SEVEN (7!!!) pounds! I will say though I do believe a few of those pounds were water weight from eating a generally lower carb diet. Regardless, I was ecstatic with my results because I have a really hard time losing weight and had been trying for awhile now. The last time I had seen the scale significantly budge was last August, so it has been a long time coming ;) I am curious to see what will happen as I continue to eat this way because I still have a couple more pounds I’d like to lose. We shall see!

While I was excited about the weight loss, I was even more thrilled with other results. Just to list a few, here is what else I noticed after the 30 days:
-no more brain fog (this is what I was most excited about)
-stable energy throughout the day
-easier to fall asleep
-glowier skin complexion
-no headaches
-no upset stomach after eating
-less cravings for sweets
-less bloating
-clothes fitting better
-felt happier, in a better mood overall
-felt less stressed


What I’d do differently:
-For the sake of transparency, I think I exercised four times during Whole30. Yes, you read that right, only four times in 30 days! Not something I’d like to admit, but it was during a busy season of life with traveling, school, and work. If I do another Whole30, I will definitely be exercising 4-5 times a week and eating a bit more to compensate.
-It sounds ridiculous, but I wish I had gone to bed earlier each night. I never felt tired until around 11, and right when I laid down I would fall asleep, but I wish I had gone to bed around 10 or 11 that way I could wake up earlier, feeling refreshed.
-I wouldn’t weigh myself at all, the entire 30 days. It is one of the Whole30 rules, and I totally broke it each week. Next time I’m going to stick it in the closet.
-Last but not least, I wish I would have taken better progress pictures! I took some the first day and about half-way through, but they aren’t ones I want to share just yet haha.

What I’m doing next:
Right now I’m re-introducing food groups back into my diet to see what effects me and what doesn’t. I’ll let you know my results from the reintroduction, as well as a grocery list and other tips next week when I’m finished.
After the re-introduction, I plan on eating pretty similar to how I did on Whole30 because I genuinely enjoyed it! That’s not to say I won’t indulge here and there, but I don’t feel the need to eat differently now that my 30 days are over. I may even do another Whole30 soon, if I can convince Justin to do it with me this time :)


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