Memorial Day Weekend Outfit


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Having a husband who travels majority of the month is hard, you guys. Like harder than giving up creamer in your coffee kind of hard, and more like losing your best friend kind of hard. Justin is technically based out of Columbus for work, so he is gone most of the time unless he has a work trip to Charlotte assigned to him. We’ve been fortunate to see each other at least every other week (sometimes even once a week!) but this situation is getting old fastttt.


While I’m counting down the months, weeks, days, and minutes till we move onto the next stage of his pilot career, we have had to work super hard at staying close and connected while we are apart. I remember being a graduate student in Ohio while Justin moved back to Charlotte for the summer thinking THIS IS THEE WORST! There can be nothing more awful than having a long distance boyfriend. Well, I was wrong and there is…it’s having a long distance husband.


We have to be even more intentional about our relationship and communication, which I feel like in turn has helped us grow even closer! I never thought I could love Justin more than on our wedding day, but each day proves that wrong as I fall deeper in love with the man I married. The little things he does for me, like surprising me with this dress, still make me swoon as much as they did when we first started dating and I hope it’ll always be this way. I love you, Justin!

Outfit: While we were both in Ohio for Memorial Day, this dress was perfect for running errands in my converse and for going out I just switched to heels. I love anything that can be dressed up or down, and Lord knows I gravitate towards classic stripes!


Whole30 Recap: Week 2


I’m a little over halfway through  my second Whole30 and I feel freakin’ amazing! I want to do a little Whole30 recap of Week 2 before it slips my mind, and hopefully get a dialogue started. Now before I started Whole30 and tried it myself, I would see people posting about it and kind of roll my eyes…It seemed too extreme, too unnecessary, and too complicated. I’m glad I did try it though, because it is quite the opposite! It has simplified everything for me, and I’m basically just eating good amounts of good food each day. No more carrying tupperware around so I can get my 6 servings of protein in a day or stressing out about counting macros. I think there is a time and a place for both of those, but in my quest for balance this year I need a different approach!


What I’ve been eating:
Meal 1- Egg Chorizo Frittata with avocado + black coffee
Meal 2- Sirloin steak, green beans, mushrooms, and onions sauteed in olive oil (sometimes with sweet potato if I’m really hungry)
Meal 3- Grilled chicken salad + raw veggies + avocado + fruit (I have been LOVING watermelon!)


What I’ve learned this week:
-I need to eat more veggies at meals. I’ve been having at least 1 cup of veggies per meal, but I want to step it up to 2 cups this week. My skin always looks brighter and I generally feel better when I eat more greens.
-I’ve been slacking on my water intake. I’m aiming for 80 ounces instead of the 60 I’ve been averaging. Kind of like the veggies, it always makes my skin glowier and my mood better.
-Finding people to join the challenge with you makes it more fun and creates a sense of community and accountability. My parents just decided to join and I have a coworker doing it too!


Challenges this week:
Traveling while on Whole30 was really hard. I grabbed a pack of almonds and an iced Starbucks unsweetened green tea (the usual) while at the airport and waited to eat until I made it to Ohio. My family has been so supportive, and my mom had even researched Whole30 online so she could get me the right groceries for the weekend. (Love her!) Even with all of that prep, it was still really hard to resist food & drinks at social events. For example, Justin and I went to a bonfire at my friend Caity’s on Sunday, and I had to pass on the campfire s’mores much to my dismay but I did it and survived ;)


Successes this week:
I haven’t been shy about the fact that I gained a significant amount of weight in 2014, and naturally I’m pretty small-boned so it showed A LOT. No matter what I did, for some reason the scale would. not. budge. For the first time in over a year, I know without a doubt that the scale has to be moving (you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself on Whole30!) because my clothes are fitting looser and I feel less “fluffy” all around. My big victory this week was when I went home to Ohio for the long weekend and everyone was commenting that I look much thinner! That made me incredibly happy and boosted my confidence, but as I started to think about it I realized that even if I didn’t look thinner, I felt so much better and that is what I’m most excited about! My energy levels have started to stabilize, headaches aren’t a daily occurrence anymore, and I’m more motivated to exercise each night. I just feel gooood, ya know?


More tips:
-Find Whole30 recipes that you love and can make in bulk. I’ve been eating my egg chorizo frittata each morning, and I cook my lunches for the week in bulk. Dinners I make twice a week so I can just reheat the leftovers for the next day. I’m saving so much time (and $$$) so I don’t mind eating the same things for two-three days in a row!
-Chipotle isn’t serving carnitas anymore, which was the only compliant meat option they offered, so until further notice Chipotle isn’t a last resort meal option anymore! (I’m more upset about this than you know…)
-If you know you will be going out with friends or family for ice cream/ a treat/ whatever, bring a snack to enjoy so you don’t throw yourself a pity party while everyone else is enjoying the return of Jeni’s ice cream without you. (Not like this happened or anything… ;) )

I’ll check in next week and let you know how Week 3 goes!


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